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Use Case 1: Setup for each methodology chosen

Use Case 1: Investigation of Versatile Cyber-attack Scenarios and Methodologies Against EPES

Setup for each methodology chosen

  • Setup Methodology#1: A laboratory setup will be implemented for simulating an SDN-based network topology hosting a number of (virtual) systems replicating enterprise functionality and traffic as well as connectivity to the SCADA systems. Key impact is a better understanding of the types of attacks possible in modern network architectures and of attack signatures, particularly directed towards control systems.
  • Setup Methodology#2: A laboratory environment based on a selection of industry standard components will be combined with co-emulated components primarily to represent IED units.The actual component interconnection is to be effected by a combination of real and simulated components using the Software Defined Network (SDN). The externally visible effects produced by the well known attack methodologies to Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and PLC programmable control devices will be monitored in order to determine the repercussions on the operation of the entire platform.
  • Setup Methodology#3: Setup requires a lab-based environment owing to limits to the fidelity of existing simulation environments where multiple sensors must themselves be co-ordinated to ensure that timeliness and ordering is captured correctly. The principal impact for these scenarios is an enhanced understanding of the feasibility and impact of such attacks, as well as to identify, if any, early indicators of on-going attacks may be detectable in time for mitigation measures to be initiated.