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Objective 1:

To design and provide a new resilient, multi-layered and SDN-enabled microgrid architecture, which will leverage the global system visibility for preventing and addressing disruptions to the underlying SCADA and ICS infrastructure

Objective 3:

To develop and implement applications which exploit direct networking controllability and programmability offered by SDN to investigate multiple security applications, including self-healing attack-resilient PMU and RTU, for going toward achieving resilient and secure operations in the face of various cyberthreats and failures

Objective 5:

To provide a robust, distributed and effective IT cyber-defence system for large-scale EPES ecosystem

Objective 7:

To deliver a privacy-preserving framework for enhancing EPES against data breaches

Objective 2:

To design and develop a risk assessment and management framework,

Objective 4:

Deliver an energy trading platform for secure and flexible trading management

Objective 6:

To design and deploy an anonymous channel of EPES which will allow secure and privacy-preserving information sharing among energy operators and actors

Objective 8:

To design and develop and a policy recommendation framework based on the SDN-microSENSE results, lessons learnt and best practices for formulating recommendations for standardisation and certification.

Objective 9:

To design and demonstrate five large-scale pilots across Europe