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SDN-microSENSE intends to provide a set of secure, privacy-enabled and resilient to cyberattacks tools, thus ensuring the normal operation of EPES as well as the integrity and the confidentiality of communications.

SDN-microSENSE aims at providing and demonstrating a secure, resilient to cyber-attacks, privacy-enabled, and protected against data breaches solution for decentralised Electrical Power and Energy Systems (EPES). All designed, developed, and tested technologies should consider the latest related research findings and maintain high compliance with current industrial standards (e.g., IEC standards)

uSE Case 1

Investigation of Versatile Cyberattack Scenarios and Methodologies Against EPES

Trondheim, Norway


Massive False Data Injection Cyberattack Against State Operation and Automatic Generation Control

Sofia, Bulgaria.

USe case 3

Large-scale Islanding Scenario Using Real-life Infrastructure

 Lavrio, Attica, Greece  


EPES Cyber-defence against Coordinated Attacks


USe case 5

Distribution Grid Restoration in Real-world PV Microgrids

Avdera, Xanthi, Greece


Realising Private and Efficient Energy Trading among PV Prosumers



Objective 1:

To design and provide a new resilient, multi-layered and SDN-enabled microgrid architecture, which will leverage the global system visibility for preventing and addressing disruptions to the underlying SCADA and ICS infrastructure

Objective 3:

To develop and implement applications which exploit direct networking controllability and programmability offered by SDN to investigate multiple security applications, including self-healing attack-resilient PMU and RTU, for going toward achieving resilient and secure operations in the face of various cyberthreats and failures

Objective 5:

To provide a robust, distributed and effective IT cyber-defence system for large-scale EPES ecosystem

Objective 7:

To deliver a privacy-preserving framework for enhancing EPES against data breaches

Objective 2:

To design and develop a risk assessment and management framework,

Objective 4:

Deliver an energy trading platform for secure and flexible trading management

Objective 6:

To design and deploy an anonymous channel of EPES which will allow secure and privacy-preserving information sharing among energy operators and actors

Objective 8:

To design and develop and a policy recommendation framework based on the SDN-microSENSE results, lessons learnt and best practices for formulating recommendations for standardisation and certification.

Objective 9:

To design and demonstrate five large-scale pilots across Europe


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