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Dear Reader, welcome to the 14th newsletter of the SDN-microSENSE project, an EU Funded Innovation Project. This edition provides a closer view on WP4 and the latest blog posts published in the website. We hope you will find the contents of this newsletter interesting, your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention in Electrical Power and Energy Systems – the SDN-microSENSE approach

The EPES operates upon a set of specific SCADA communication protocols such as DNP3, Modbus and IEC-104. However, due to the convergence of IT and OT technologies a number of security incidents against these critical infrastructures has significantly increased in the last years affected by a wide range of cyber threats.  The SDN-microSENSE project has developed a solution for EPES systems against cyber-attacks through a dedicated sub-system called Cross Layer Energy Prevention and Detection System (XL-EPDS). 

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Hardening Europe’s Electricity Supply Against Cyber Threats

Globalisation is in decline, and Europe is not alone in its exposure to cyber threats by malicious actors seeking either to profit financially from cyberattacks, or to weaken public support for opposition to rogue states that undermine international laws and human rights. Cyber threats include ransomware, data leaks and denial of service attacks. For electrical power and energy systems (EPES), cyber attacks threaten power outages, and physical damage to key infrastructure. Cyber attacks further threaten escalation to a full blown declaration of war and all that that entails.

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How to tackle data meter infrastructure privacy issues: An Overlay Privacy Framework for Smart Grids

The development of electric smart grids using cutting-edge digital technology offers a huge opportunity to advance toward integrating a bigger share of renewable energy sources and supporting more effective and decentralized Electric Smart Grids (ESGs)

An essential component of an ESG’s architecture, the Advanced Metering Infrastructures (AMI), collects and analyzes data from smart meters in order to intelligently deploy various power-related apps and services based on that data. The AMI’s Meter Data Management System (MDMS) collects, stores, and allows for the consultation of meter data.

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Cyber-secured & resilient SDN-based Energy Ecosystem (WP4)

Cyberattacks are becoming a serious thread for power systems; their prevention is gaining attention and needs to be better understood by developers, technology providers and network operators among others.

Cybersecurity should concern all of us. We communicate through the Internet, and our data is stored on this giant network. Therefore, the devices connected to the Internet are susceptible to being compromised. Of course, this only depends on the user and the software installed on the machine. However, we also need to consider that operators of electrical equipment use this network to monitor and control their infrastructure.

You can read more about WP4 in the two blog posts  published in the project website:
Part1 (challenges and outcomes)
Part 2 (architecture and tools developed)

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