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1 week ago
Learn about cybersecurity Risks asociated with smart grid in the interview with security expert for Ayesa
@EU_H2020 #smartgrid #cybersecurity #energy #sdn
1 week ago
Lean about the risks and challenges related to cybersecurity in the Interview with Juan Carlos Castro Ortiz, expert on cybersecurity at Ayesa Advanced Technologies
#SDNmicrosense #SmartGrid #CyberSecurity
2 months ago
Learn about Software Defined Networking and the benefits of adopting it in a Electrical Power and Energy System in our new blog post at @SDNmicroSENSE webiste
#SDN #CyberSecurity #H2020 #energy
2 months ago
The @SDNmicroSENSE project was presented at the 12th EE-ISAC Open plenary in 27th of November in Athens, Greece. More discussions will follow to consider possible collaboration.
#SmartGrid #cybersecurity
3 months ago
Learn more about the @SDNmicroSENSE @EU_H2020 project on our new blog post: the challenges that the project faces, the objectives, the approach and the target end users.
#H2020 #CyberSecurity #smartgrids #SDN #energy
4 months ago
ENCS, the European Network for Cyber Security, and E.DSO, the European Distribution System Operators' Association have announced the launch of cybersecurity baseline requirements for smart meters (SMs) and data concentrators (DCs).